Name Badge Organiser Display Trays

and Transport Cases

One of our best-selling products, our recycled plastic name badge organiser display trays enable you to arrange your name badges before your event so that they’re ready to go when registration rolls round. This lightweight device will securely hold any size badge up to a width of 112 mm, and it is easy for the user to insert and remove badges from slots. They’ll save space on registration counters and speed up the delegate registration process. Our plastic display trays are available in packs of 4 trays - each tray holds 50 badges, so each pack holds 200 badges total.


Secure your pre-sorted, pre-assembled name badges for transit with our name badge organiser storage and transport cases. This product adds lids to our display trays, and encases them two at a time within double wall cardboard boxes prepared for storage and transit by whatever means. Each pack contains 4 badge display cases (equivalent to 4 plastic display trays and 4 lids) and 2 sturdy transport/storage boxes, which will hold 200 badges total. Available in 2 sizes for different height badges.

Name Badge Organiser Display Trays

​· Each tray holds 50 name badges (2 rows of 25 slots).

· Each pack contains 4 trays, holding a total of 200 badges.

· Lids not provided

​· For any size of badge from pin & clip, up to A6 size

​· Unique gripping slots hold name badges firmly in place & allows easy insertion

​· Reusable & made from recycled plastic.

​· Maximum badge width: 110mm

​· Dimensions of tray: 250mm wide x 10mm high x 320mm long.

​· Product reference: 'dt1'

​· Price: £36.00 ex VAT

(per pack of 4 trays without covers)

Name Badge Organiser Transport Cases

​· Each tray with cover case holds 50 badges.

· Each pack contains 4 display cases, holding a total of 200 badges.

· Lids and transport box provided

· ​For any size of event & conference name badge up to

  110mm wide x 90mm high.


​· Small size for max, badge height: 60 mm

​· Product reference (small size): 'tc1'

Best use with our pin & clip and magnetic badges

​· Large size (tc2) for max, badge height: 90 mm

​· Product reference (large size): 'tc2'

Best use with our Colour Top Badge Holders

​· Price: £58.00 ex VAT per pack of 4 Display Trays,

  (4 Covers and 2 Cardboard Transport Cases)

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